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Visual Studio 2012 supports .Net 4.5 with it's fancy async/await keywords.
Visual Studio 2010 supports .Net 4.0 only, but lots of existing projects (ours included) got stuck in it.

AWS SDK 2.0 supports .Net 4.5 and brings lots of other improvements, but, comparing to AWS SDK 1.5, it has some breaking changes.

So, how do we live with all of this?

My decision is now to create two separate solutions:
  • LINQ2DynamoDB-2012.sln
    • addresses Visual Studio 2012
    • produces assemblies for .Net 4.5
    • references AWS SDK 2.0.2
    • contains test project
  • LINQ2DynamoDB-2010.sln
    • addresses Visual Studio 2010
    • produces assemblies for .Net 4.0
    • references AWS SDK 1.5.39 (the latest AWS SDK 1.5 build)
    • lacks async methods
    • lacks table creation methods (because they're async and I'm too lazy to rewrite them) - I think, it's OK, because most of consumers of this version will have their tables already created.

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