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Numberset being converted to stringset upon calling SubmitChanges

Jun 29, 2016 at 7:18 PM
Hey all. First off, I love this project and I'll hopefully be contributing in the near future. I just want to bring this up here because I submit it as a bug (in case the problem is user error):

I have a user table object with, amongst other things, a list of longs, defined as:
public List<long> events_attending { get; set; }
When using the method for updating specified in this documentation, I did this:

userEntry = usersTable.Where(u => == user_id).Single();
userEntry.friends.Add(new FacebookUser.Friend { id = friend_id, name = friend_name });

// No changes to userEntry.events_attending being made.
The modification works perfectly, however, the contents of the events_attending field are going from:
"events_attending": {
  "NS" : [
"events_attending": {
  "SS" : [
I checked the userEntry object in debug right before called SubmitChanges and both values are still longs and events_attending is still List<long>.

What could be causing this? I dont want the NS to be changing to a SS.

Thanks in advance,